Effective Natural Approaches to Coronavirus

What You Can Do Until There Is A Coronavirus Vaccine.

There are several natural substances that you can use against the coronavirus.

Monolaurin in Coconut Oil

The coronavirus is an enveloped virus surrounded by a double-layered fatty coat. Monolaurin found in Coconut oil has been known since the mid-1960's to destroys the protective viral envelope, and has profound antiviral properites. Not to mention it is also antifungal, and antibacterial.
Your body cells are negatively charged which facilitates the attachments of viruses, which are positively charged. Enveloped Viruses with their fatty coats have an advantage, enabling them to stick to your body cell membranes like glue. This fatty coat however also makes them vulnerable to the monolaurin which disrupts the fatty coat and breaks down the virus.
Since the mid 60's research has been done with lauric acid and it's esterified form Monolaurin to assess the vulnerability of the lipid viruses and other microorganisms to these medium-chain fatty acids. Many common viruses with lipid coats have been shown to be de-activated by monolaurin. This includes...
  • Human immunodeficiency virus HIV-1, HIV+
  • Measles virus
  • Herpes simplex virus-1
  • Herpes simplex virus-2
  • All Herpes viridae
  • Human lymphotropic viruses (type 1)
  • Vesicular stomatitis virus
  • Visna Maedi virus
  • Cytomegalovirus
  • Epstein-Barr virus
  • Influenza virus
  • Pneumonia virus
  • Sarcoma virus
  • Syncytial virus
  • Rubeola virus
  • and Coronavirus!
As a lipid-coated virus, coronavirus has the same vulnerability and yet everyone seems to be ignoring it. Even If the coronavirus morphs into a different strain, as long as the lipid coat remains it will still be vulnerable. The list above shows that this information should have been general knowledge in the public for some time. Yet few people are aware of this wonderful benefit to a common substance found in coconut oil.

Wormwood (Artemisia)

Another natural substance that can be effective against viruses is Artemisia or artemisinin; also known as Wormwood. There are many different plants in this family and it is considered by some as a weed. Artemisia is used to prevent and treat malaria. In fact it has been found to be effective in hydroxychloroquine resistant malaria. Artemisia works by inducing the formation of peroxide. The peroxide ion has a negative charge and as such is drawn to the virus which bears a positive charge disrupting its structure like a smart bomb.
The peroxide production of Artemisia is similar to the peroxide production that occurs with high dose vitamin c infusions that is used in CAM cancer therapy. In many Asian countries Artemisia is also used against cancer in the same way. It should not be used in combination with antioxidant therapy since the antioxidant deactivates the peroxide but it can be used with the monolaurin found in coconut oil.  Some folks take the antioxidants in the morning and the artemisia in the late afternoon with another dose of monolaurin.


Another popular treatment is medical ozone, a trioxygen molecule sometimes called activated oxygen. Although it can be toxic, at a level under 30 parts per billion it is considered safe. Ozone hemotransfusion consists of dissolving ozone in the person's blood and then infusing it back into them. There are several ozonizing machines produced in foreign countries to do just that. The ozone and the peroxide ion produced are negatively charged and act like smart bombs blowing up viruses and other microbes. Ozone is ten thousand times more bactericidal than chlorine and cannot be inhaled since at high levels it can rupture the thin alveoli in your lungs. To avoid this ozone can be bubbled through olive oil so it does not harm the alveoli.
Ozone is a common and well-known solution for killing pathogens. For example, there are apparatuses on the market to ozonate water for washing foodstuff and air purifiers that disperse safe levels of ozone for killing the airborne particles.


Direct sunlight for just a few minutes is a good way to kill most pathogens. If you don't have any of the natural defenses above, it may be more beneficial to go outdoors in direct sunlight than to quarantine yourself indoors.

Keep in Mind

If a person is infected with coronavirus covid-19 they should consider Nattokinase, as an oral fibrinolytic agent to avoid the complication of getting a blood clot.
If you consider using any of these discuss it with your physician and research them so you can make the best decision for yourself.

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