Patients from around the world, and throughout the United States travel to CQ Integrative Health to get well. Our patients tell us its worth it because of the results they get. 

Texas Snowbirds In Rio Grande Valley; Geriatric Care from CQ Integrative Health Care

Texas Snowbirds | Winter Texans

We offer Winter Texans competent Primary Care that works in tandem with your doctor(s) at home.  For Texas Snowbirds that also want to feel better than their prescriptions are able to help them feel, then CQ Integrative Health could be a perfect fit.  We double as both a primary care practice with nearly 40 years working with older adults 65 years old and older in your same "two-home" situation, and are a Wellness Center with some of the deepest experience in geriatric wellness.  If you wondered whether you would find care that is as good as the care you had, you need not worry. Many of our patients even make the switch to our clinic and call us even after they return to Canada, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, and all other cold states.

If you came to the Rio Grande Valley for the warm weather and decided to stay, you can take full advantage of the work we do with Seniors. It takes additional time, but will help you feel your very best during your golden years.

For those who have no insurance coverage, we offer a low cost option for patients' who either don't have insurance, or have insurance with no coverage in South Texas.

Integrative Home Health Care

Housebound in the Rio Grande Valley, Austin, San Antonio, or Houston?

We ask that patients visit us in Brownsville. However If you are housebound, and live in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Chrisit, Laredo, or the Rio Grande Valley, we will consider coming to you.

Why CQ Integrative Health for Home Care? Home Health is excellent for monitoring and daily needs. But for some, Home Health Care is not enough for the health goals. If you want to recover and feel better, you are never too old to make progress. There are alternative benefits that integrative medicine offers through funcitional medicine or naturopathic medicine pratices that can bring back greater vitality and energy and wholeness into your life.

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Elderly Couple Meeting with Traveling Doctor in San Antonio, Texas; CQ Integegrative Home Health Care

Children with Autism

Thousands of children who are on the spectrum, have traveled to benefit from our understanding of Autism and its natural treatments.

There is a belief in some circles that nothing can be done for these children. Fortunately for parents, this is not the case.  Through a unique combination of measures and treatments, patients have experienced small measures of improvement to exceptional results in alleviating symptoms of autism.  These results come with implementing recommended protocols over time.  Your first visit will be just the beginning. But when you leave, you will leave equipped with a diet and plan that is unique to the needs of your child.  As you execute all recommendations diligently, it is possible to see improvements that far outweigh the time, effort and expense invested.

When you come we recommend that you plan some time to relax and enjoy our world-class beaches and many of the local attractions.  We are only minutes away from the Gulf of Mexico and the beautiful beaches of South Padre Island. A favorite destination beach for many Texans, and other travelers from around the United States and Mexico. You can enjoy yourselves and have fun while also receiving the most effective care for children with autism available.

Make Travel Arrangements

Accomodation Options

There are many options for places to stay in the area. For a list of other accommodations in Brownsville and on South Padre Island - click here.

Airports - Fly-in Options

La Quinta Inn Brownsville, Texas; CQ Integrative Health Travel Accomodations

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Pool at Pearl Resort, South Padre Island, Texas

South Padre Island (SPI)

Visiting us here in South Texas is healing in more ways than one.

Out of town patients may come to CQ Integrative Health for their healthcare, but will often bring family and stay to enjoy the warm and relaxing waters and beaches of South Padre Island.  Patients also come to South Padre to vacation and make it a point to schedule a visit to our health clinic while they are here.

Regardless, we have been in this area for 40 years and can help make your trip more  healing? comfortable? fun? educational? We have world-class deep-sea and bay fishing. Some of the very best wind that can be found anywhere for sailing and kite surfing.  More than 500 bird species have been reported in the Rio Grande Valley, making this area one of North America's greatest places for bird watching.

Enjoy Yourself & Get Better at South Padre Island.  Calls us, and we will help you plan a vacation that incorporates relaxation, wellness, and memories that will last your family a lifetime.

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